All those weird combinations of letters that everyone keeps saying…

Please add any other acronym you know / come across!

  • SBN Short Baseline Neutrino (multi-detector physics program)
  • SBND Short Baseline Near Detector
  • ICARUS Imaging Cosmics And Rare Underground Signals
  • FNAL Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory, Fermilab
  • BNB Booster Neutrino Beam (the Fermilab neutrino beam on which SBN operates)
  • NuMI Neutrinos at the Main Injector (a higher energy Fermilab beam which will also provide some off-axis data)
  • TPC Time Projection Chamber
  • PDS Photon Detection System
  • CRT Cosmic Ray Taggers
  • CI Continuous Integration (the system for testing code as we develop it)
  • CAF Common Analysis Framework (a type of analysis file and the structure in which we analyse them)
  • AV Active Volume (the entire volume of liquid argon which we can image with the TPC)
  • FV Fiducial Volume (a cut down area of the active volume which we determine to properly contain events)
  • PR Pull Request (a request to merge code into the develop branch)
  • POMS Production Operations Management System (the system used to automise large amounts of the workload in producing large samples of events)
  • MC Monte Carlo (simulated events)
  • SAM Sequential Access via Metadata (the database system utilised by Fermilab to access and query files via their metadata)
  • DAQ Data Acquisition
  • LAr Liquid Argon
  • PMT Process Management Tool (tricky, isn’t it? this term is used in artdaq, and it’s not a joke)