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SBN Production Page

Here you will found how to make production sample requests as well as (comming soon) instructions and documentation

Production Guidelines for SBN-wide Data and MonteCarlo Production

The SBN Production Guidelines document outlines the SBN-wide production process, which governs production and data processing for SBN joint analyses, and individual SBND and ICARUS analyses. Comments can be added to the document or brought to your group convener.

Available Samples

A table with information about the official available samples can be found at the SBN Production Available Samples Page

Production Sample requests

The SBN Production Group is reponsible for MC sample productions for SBND and ICARUS, as well as eventual Data processing.

To submit a request to production, please fill the SBN Production Request Form. The responsible parties should be automatically notified but you can also notify the official group email address:

The form is also a checklist of the needed information. If you need help answering any number of the questions on the survey, please contact your group convener and/or production group conveners. Status of open requests can be checked at the SBN Production Requests Database. If you need to edit the request, please edit your answers to the form.

Production Monitoring

The main Grafana entry page which gives access to all monitoring.

The FCRSG Preparation page gives an overall view of resource usage.

Here is the dcache use by pool group page

Here you can find the dcache persistant usage by VO

Tape usage for ICARUS can be found at this page.

ICARUS data Keepup processing

ICARUS keepup documentation can be found in the ICARUS data keepup processing page

Contributing to this wiki

The content of this wiki is tracked in a GitHub repository SBNSoftware/