Key Physics Concepts

The SBN Program, LArTPC technology, Neutrino Physics

  • The SBN proposal sets out the program in a huge amount of detail, this is useful when you want to find a particular piece of information, especially on the technical side.
  • This article gives a much more managable size introduction to the program, including the physics motivation and a brief technical overview.
  • This presentation by Gianluca Petrillo from 2017 is a brilliant overview of the technical ideas behind a LArTPC as well as a description of the standard simulation / reconstruction chain and the software we use to do this!
  • This article from MicroBooNE gives a more detailed technical description of the design of a LArTPC and its various systems.
Neutrino Physics
  • The SBN program’s key goal is based around testing the short baseline anomaly reported by LSND and MiniBooNE so their original papers come in handy.
  • This reveiw article is long but gives a good overview of the current status of sterile neutrino searches.
  • Another core topic to SBN is cross section measurements on liquid argon, this review describes neutrino cross section physics across the board, whilst MicroBooNE has reported on-argon results in multiple channels.